Gnu/XG numbers explained

To make sure we understand each other when it comes to software analysis, here are some exports with explanation:

Cube decision 1:
Analyzed in XG Roller+ No double Double/Take
  Player Winning Chances: 67,34% (G:30,98% B:0,32%) 67,19% (G:32,72% B:0,34%)
  Opponent Winning Chances: 32,66% (G:6,60% B:0,30%) 32,81% (G:7,05% B:0,36%)
  Cubeless Equities +0,591 +1,201
Cubeful Equities
No double:+0,700 (-0,267)
Double/Pass:+1,000 (+0,033)
Best Cube action: Double / Take

Double/pass equity is always 1,000 (one point zero). Meaning double/pass will win one point per game played.

+0,700 near No double means that player on roll, if he doesn't double, will win approximately 0,700 points per game (sometimes he will win, sometimes he will lose).

If Double/take equity is higher than No double equity - correct cube decision is to double, as this raises average points won per game.

If Double/take equity is lower than 1,000, correct decision is to take the cube, as that loses less points per game than Double/pass.

Cube decision 2:
Analyzed in XG Roller+ No double Double/Take
  Player Winning Chances: 85,75% (G:65,48% B:3,16%) 85,65% (G:65,43% B:3,14%)
  Opponent Winning Chances: 14,25% (G:2,46% B:0,16%) 14,35% (G:2,47% B:0,16%)
  Cubeless Equities +1,375 +2,745
Cubeful Equities
No double:+1,469
Double/Take:+2,645 (+1,176)
Double/Pass:+1,000 (-0,469)
Best Cube action: Too good to double / Pass
Percentage of wrong take needed to make the double decision right: 28,5%

If No double equity is higher than 1,000 player is too good to double, as he will win more points per game if he continues to play on, rather than double now (as his opponent will surely pass those positions).

Checker play:
1.XG Roller+21/18 20/18eq: +0,641
65,96% (G:16,92% B:0,28%)
34,04% (G:6,76% B:0,19%)
2.XG Roller+20/15eq: +0,600 (-0,042)
64,40% (G:19,72% B:0,50%)
35,60% (G:9,01% B:0,27%)
3.XG Roller+21/16eq: +0,573 (-0,069)
63,92% (G:19,28% B:0,47%)
36,08% (G:9,02% B:0,27%)
4.XG Roller+21/18 6/4eq: +0,413 (-0,228)
59,97% (G:20,74% B:0,59%)
40,03% (G:11,19% B:0,35%)

Next to each move there are equities. But what's more important, differences in equity between a play and the best one are given in parentheses at right.

Error scale, based on equity difference:
less than 0,010 - moves are tied
between 0,010 and 0,040 - small error
between 0,040 and 0,080 - bigger error
more than 0,080 - blunder
more than 0,200 - completely wrong